Noni (Bitsy) Dietrich


Bitsy has been in the dental profession since 1987.  She has worked in every aspect of dentistry including specialty practices but her true interest has always been oral & maxillofacial surgery.  Bitsy furthered her career by becoming a Certified Dental Assistant through the Dental Assisting National Board in 1990.

Bitsy is a native of the Ohio Valley.  She began her dental career in Ohio and in 1998 she moved to San Diego CA where she lived and continued working in dentistry for thirteen years.  Bitsy returned to the Cincinnati area in 2011 to help her family care for her mother.  Because of her hectic schedule, Bitsy took a teaching job at a local college instructing dental assisting and passing on her passion of dentistry to a whole new generation.  Although teaching was very rewarding, she longed to be chairside so she could treat and educate her patients.

Bitsy went back to work for an emergency clinic and loved the fast pace it provided.  This position allowed her to meet and work with many wonderful people but, she knew that what she really wanted was to finish her career doing what she loved most, oral & maxillofacial surgery.

Bitsy started with Blue Ash Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in November 2016.  The thing Bitsy likes the most about working with Dr Stastny is the ongoing education he has provided her. Another great aspect of her position is the ability to gain trust with her patients so they are comfortable having other staff members and herself get close to them to provide the care they need.

Bitsy has many other interests including massage therapy, dog training, scuba-diving, horseback riding and coaching.  However, dentistry always ranks first as what she loves to do.  Other interests are enjoying the outdoors and anything to do with water.  She spends much of her time with her 93 year-old father.  He is one of an ever dwindling number of World War II veterans that is still around and able to tell the tales of that era.  He is also her best friend.

Bitsy has two beautiful, successful, grown children and three equally beautiful grandchildren that are the loves of her life.

Patient Appreciation

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I was so nervous to have all my teeth pulled and wear dentures. You and your staff made me feel so comfortable. You really care a lot about your patients. Now I smile all the time and I'm no longer ashamed of how I look.
Steve H.
I would like to thank you for the dental work I was given by your office. I would love to recommend you to my friends and will.
Earl M.
Getting a follow up call from Dr. Stastny was fantastic. I thought personal service was a thing of the past. I know now that this office truly cares about their patients. I will recommend your services to my family and friends.
Diane D.
Helping a disabled veteran on a small fixed income was truly a blessing from you and G-d.
Thank you so much for your time and efforts in making my Pellevé experience comfortable. My skin looks amazing and feels so smooth. My family and friends are very impressed with the results. I could not be more thrilled! I would highly recommend Pellevé to anyone.
E. E.
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Jacob. He recovered quickly and easily. In fact, he was cutting the grass and eating French toast and bacon the next day! If only raising teenagers was as easy as taking their teeth out!
Amber A.
I feel like a whole new person thanks to all of you!
I want to thank you for taking care of my last week and the week before. You are excellent at your business. Top-notch all the way. I was astounded that you took the time to call me the evening of the procedure to make sure that all was well.
Karen S.
Thank you Dr. Stastny for making me comfortable and caring enough to call me at home.
You did such a wonderful job I only had to take 2 Tylenols for pain and only a minimal amount of swelling occurred. You were swell... I never had a dentist call and check on how I was doing. I appreciated that.
Gladys K.
I want to thank everyone for the professional care and kind consideration you have given me over the past year. I am not the best of patients, but you put me at ease and treated me with kindness and respect.
Chuck L
Thank you for taking the time to extract all of my bad teeth. You will never know what a heaven sent you were to my children and I. So thank you so much, don't ever stop being an angel.
Stephanie R.
I want to thank you and your staff so very much for the excellent care. The entire office has been truly kind from start to finish. I was extremely nervous the day of my procedure, but everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease. I cannot tell you the amount of appreciation I felt when you personally took the time to call and check on me that evening. Thank you ALL again!
Dausha T.
Thank you for the smiles you bring to so many people. I hope this brings a smile to you and your staff. May "God" always be with you for what you do for others.
Greg S.
I was so nervous about my appointment but as soon as I walked into the office the warm welcome put me at ease. Then Heidi continued the calming for me. Dr. Stastny you were very easy going and assured me that all would be OK. I felt so much better. The day of my procedure I met Tawnya. She was so reassuring that I knew I was in good hands. Thank you all for your kindness and compassionate care!
Joyce M.
We would like to thank you and your staff for all of the work you did for us. Thank God there are people like you all, in this world.
Dennis K & Beverly R.
Thank you so much for your kind & caring treatment during my procedure! You guys are a first class operation!
Dan M.
Thank you for all your services. I now can smile. It has truly made a difference in my everyday life.
Susan M.
You are truly appreciated!
Sharon S.
Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I really appreciate your help and kind manner!
Claudia G.
There are no words to convey my gratitude for what you did. I will simply say from the heart - Thank You.
Cathy R.
Thank you for the dental work you did for me. You are a caring and kind surgeon. Your staff are also great.
Nancy D.